Winners Circle

Sweepstakes Winners CircleThis is our Winners Circle exclusively for sweepstakes winners.

If you have won a prize in a sweepstakes that was listed on SnazzySweepstakes, please leave a comment. No matter how long ago you won it, we want to hear about your sweepstakes prizes. The good news of your wins helps to encourage others and also encourages us to add more new sweepstakes. Everybody wants to see new sweepstakes, right?

If a prize just shows up at your place unannounced (yippee!) and you don’t know what promotion it came from, you can leave a comment about that here, too. It’s possible someone else here can help you figure out what sweepstakes you won it from.

Just Remember: If you enter and win, go shout it from the rooftops, do your happy dance, and leave a comment here. All winning comments are very appreciated!

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  • david kollmann

    I believe it was in 1997 or98,I do not remember but,I did win 100.00 from pch.I was very proud and have been waiting on the bigggggg win.never has happened.I truly have doubts now.

    • snazzysweeps

      Have you tried instant win sweepstakes? There’s a good one from Snickers going on right now with 1 million prizes. We have all of them listed on Here’s a link to the Snickers game. Give it a try!

  • mario dones

    I thank you guys pch I have never experienced such a wonderful and most happy moment in my life realy thank u from the bottom of my heart

  • Cynthia Cooper


  • Graydon Blackthorne

    I have won (on sweepstakes not instant wins),

    $10 Dollar General Gift Card!
    Signed Picture of Alex Morgan!

  • Kathy Fischer-Felts

    Been Entering ,is this not where you ask if you have WON !!
    Would love to do the HAPPY DANCE SOME DAY

  • Nettie Jenkins

    My name is Nettie Jenkins and I won 250.00 on PCH Games (Smiles) I love PCH Sweepstakes ! There is no other Sweeps like PCH ! (Smiles) I also won two five dollar gift cards !

  • Keisha

    I am a winner I feel it


    publishers clearing house sumit claim register prize winner 1
    $1,million a y

  • Jean Stewart

    been trying since 1995 and still waiting hope happens very soon


    7register claim win secure 1./mil a year forever
    gwt 3080 +3177+2231

  • Joshua Meloy

    pcg gwy no 3080# 3577

  • elizabethdever

    I would love to have the prize patrol to come to my house in utopia Texas to hand me a big check on FEB 28th

  • sheri barton

    V-3080 used to be I’m here to WIN,WIN,WIN

  • Randy

    PCH activities my code

    • Gregory Dominguez

      u can’t win Slim if u ain’t in?

    • Brenda Carlton

      PCH activate my code

  • Penny

    I’m never giving up

  • Gregory Dominguez


  • Gregory Dominguez

    i won righton!

  • Gregory Dominguez

    Dream Big!

  • Gregory Dominguez


  • Gregory Dominguez

    send in the check?