GM “Win Synergy Camaro” Sweepstakes

Chevrolet Camaro SweepstakesEnter the GM “Win Synergy Camaro” Sweepstakes and you could win a New Car and a Trip with a prize package value of $49,780.00.
Total Prizes: 01
Entry: One entry
Eligibility: 50 U.S. & D.C., Age 18+

ENTER HERE: GM “Win Synergy Camaro” Sweepstakes
exp 03/20/12

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  • rassie Wilson

    I have all ways wanted a brand new Camaro, and i would treat it like gold, so i hope i win because i deserve it, because i am all ways helping people out thanks and Peace.

    • Jacob

      I would like to say that i really dont care if i win, if you get it than great, i hope the poorest giver recieves the prize and thats why instead of putting my own name in i put the name of my preacher who is having a difficult time right now. God bless

  • randall mitchell

    All I can say is I am in need of Acar,mine is on its last legs

  • opal wilder

    Watching the race and it makes me want to go fast in a Camero, go Tony!!!!

  • James Moore

    All I can say is that rassie should go back to school!


      I have a need for speed ,and a brand CAMARO would give me that SPEED

  • timothy west

    My 93 midrange is falling apart need new car for the ladies and to go to nascar event

  • Hosea Fain Jr.

    Awesome car to win, and I claim it right now!

  • Earl Witten

    Kind of hard to enter when the site is down. I would love to win this car! I am also a die-hard Stewart fan and would like to see him again. Last time and he I talked was in 98′, Loundon, NH.

  • Dwain H.

    This is so the coolest car. Thanks for keeping the model available.

  • Malinda Antwine

    I so need a car…I watch the races all the time…I was so promised one when I was a teenager and my family could not afford…so I received a boxed car ….lol …This would be so cool to win….<3

  • robin lackey

    will i am a aunt that is rasing 3 of my who is getting ready to drive.She is such a caring child with one big heart.always thinking of what she can do for others.Besides herself its always about aunt robin this one dont have this or this person is doing without.And i do not have a job right now and we have it hard ourself sometimes.But because she is the person she is i would love to be able to give her such a gift.THANK YOU.

  • robert simonitch

    Love to win that car, had a lung removed now broke could have fun in that camaro had a sixty eight when I got out of three navy in.1975 loved it,,,

  • Ellen G. Phillips

    People were made to be loved and things were made to be used. Winning a brand new Camara would be loved and used.

  • Dan

    I had one of the first Camaros. A 1967 ss 396 with raly sport opt. Did great at the drag strip. One of the BEST cars I ever had. The second one was A 69 same, had 396 350hp. 13flat in 1/4 mile strip. I love the look of the new models

  • Analee Langbauer

    I would feel like a teenager again instead of senior citizen. Would love to feel young again, wouldn’t you, driving around this beautiful car?

  • gene fredericksen

    I have been a chevy man my whole life. I am 74 years young.

  • pinpink


  • Camaro2SSman

    Have a 2011 Victory Red synergy camaro but would love to have another for my sweetie.

  • davista04

    just have to say….I WON!!!

    • SnazzySweeps™


  • bindhi

    OMG, dude that is waaaaaaaaaaaay cool! :)

  • davista04

    thank you, i’m already looking forward to the visual upgrades i can do lol