CANDYSTAND “$3 Million Dream Home” Sweepstakes

3 Million Dream HomeEnter the CANDYSTAND “$3 Million Dream Home” Sweepstakes and you could win $3,000,000 to buy your dream home!
Total Prizes: 01
Entry: Daily
Eligibility: 50 U.S. & D.C., Age 18+

ENTER HERE: CANDYSTAND “$3 Million Dream Home” Sweepstakes
exp 02/21/12

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    with a prayer…i just might win.

  • manuel garcia, Sr.

    I need a home

  • gail

    we could use a ne home we lost our home from a strom.

  • gailhaupu

    we need a home

  • Ginare

    My three boys and I really really need this badly….

  • Mary Hayes

    This would be my first home of my own and love to fill it with my grand kids, my family and friends.

  • anuta

    A prayer and some good luck…

  • Debra Walker

    Debra S. Walker 05/23/2012
    I sure would like to win this!!!

  • Tina Thomas

    This page i am looking at say’s Win $1Million Plus $1Million For Each Family Member !, Sound’s pretty great !

  • Tina Thomas

    This Win $ 3 Million Dream Home This My Favorite The Cat I Out Of The Bag I Love The Look Of Some Of The Home”s They Showed A Fresh Start Especially For My Daughter And Grand Daughter Which They Alway’s lived In Low Rental Housing Around Here Step Off The Ledge Because It Is Like You Just Walked Into Heck It’s Self They Would Be Amazed And My Mom Can Live With Us Cause We Have To Live Here We Had No Place to Go !

  • Darnell Kelly

    Im a disabled vet OIF and this will be a blessing for me and my family:-)

  • Darnell Kelly

    Im a disabled vet OIF and this will be a blessing for me and my family:-)

  • william E. Ardolino

    I am a dis-abled Vietnam veteran on a very meager fixed income( ($1274.00 monthly) about 50% below the annual poverty,level (apox. $28,000 annual income.) My annual income is about $13,800. I’m broke-have no credit and am basically un-employab’e-at the age of 66. I’m trying my best do anything and everything I can to legitamitly earn a decent income to support myself. All to no avail. I am willing to work and do just about anything to make a decent living and have a normal life.I’m not looking for a “hand out”. Just an honest opportunity to work, prove myself and earn a decent, hard working living,and to get into the Mainstream of American life.. I’m not sure that this is the. proper forum to write this blurb. But, it just happened to come up. What I need more than anything right now is an automobile. Even if it’s a junker. I live in a rural area in the middle of the Arizona desert, where I don’t even have public transportation-outside of a taxi-cab. And we all know how expensive that can be.. I’m stuck between a rock and hard place .Well. anyway, I;m kind of lost of how I even got into this website and offered the opportunity to write this message.I just thank you all for listening and that maybe having you all have the understanding and compassion to see what you can do to lend a helping hand to a Veteran Of Foreign Wars. Thank you very much and God Bless


    William Ardolino June 28, 2013

  • Norma Giese-Curry

    a new home what a dream 3 million oh my gosh my son the contractor would be in heaven

  • Nancy Velez

    I alway’s dream with having my own dream house.. I pray that I’m the one who win’s the dream house…

  • Barbara Johnson

    I pray that I win, I’ve never won anything. But I pray I will win. I despartly need to win I don’t have a home. I need a home.

  • Guest

    This would be my first home (age almost 55) and I would live there a short time with family & friends, then sell it, give 10% to church, get my physical & mental health fixed, help family & friends, community, etc., animals, my self a small little house for me & my cat & dog.

  • Michael Walczak

    hell and yes i would like to win 3 million dreamhome